The Amati Model Bass

In early 2012, Ronnie Scotts commissioned me to make a "house" bass for them, having heard that I had detailed plans of the Amati which was owned by Ray Brown for many years. The original was bought in England by Ella Fitzgerald (then his wife) as a gift when they were both here performing. This history, and the instrument's natural curves and elegance made it the ideal choice for a house bass. Being played every night by some of the biggest names worldwide, every night, double shifts at weekends and Sunday lunch, it may well be the hardest working bass in London!

The versatile nature of the bass therefore makes it an ideal choice for both the Jazz player and the Orchestra- the original Amati is presently very happy serving in the Toronto Philharmonic.

Please contact me for further details, and check out the links below.'house'-double-bass-arrives-ronnie-scott's


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